Solis inverter debuted on the news feature of “Good crops on photovoltaic power stations” by CCTV in its "Half-Hour Economy

Solis inverter debuted on “Good crops on photovoltaic power stations” 

In this 12-minute news feature, Solis inverter explained the successful model of Desertification control in the Kubuqi desert in details with practical cases. At the heart of the Kubuqi desert in Inner Mongolia, PV power plants are not only generating electricity but also serving as farmland and farms for local people. The barren deserts of the past have been turned into treasures, and PV power stations are known as "crop guardians" locally.PV power generation used to improve the ecological environment and increase economic benefits have been highly recognized by CCTV.

News feature on “Good crops on photovoltaic power stations” by CCTV

  • Struggle with nature

 The mode of “Generating electricity on solar panels, while growing and breeding under solar panels” marks the rapid development of photovoltaic projects from single power generation to agriculture –photovoltaic hybrid PV plant, Desertification control, and other fields. Photovoltaic power generation combined with desert control has become a new driver of regional economic growth.