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CPC Finland begins the construction of subsidy-free wind farm in Isojoki, Finland

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CPC Finland has signed a long-term corporate power purchase agreement for a 50 MW wind farm in Isojoki, Finland.

12 Vestas V150-4.2 MW wind turbines will be constructed in the wind farm areaof Lakiakangas, Isojoki, located in the Southern Ostrobothnia region ofFinland. The turbines will be erected in the summer of 2019. The turbine typerepresents the latest and most efficient wind power technology in the world.

The civil construction work has already started earlier in July by excavationwork related to the infrastructure of the wind farm. It is likely to be thefirst market based and project financed wind farm in Finland. The wind farmwill be both owned and operated by CPC Finland.

”We are extremely satisfied to reach agreement on the power purchasecontract. The contract enables the construction of the new turbines in Isojokicompletely market based, without any state subsidies at all. The windresources in Finland are excellent, and in many areas of the country, windpower is already the most cost-effective form of power generation”, saysErik Trast, Managing Director of CPC Finland.

CPC Finland is a fully owned subsidiary of the German based CPC Germania GmbH& Co KG. CPC Germania is one of the oldest wind power companies in Europe.Since 1993 CPC has built over 50 wind power projects, with the total capacityof more than 600 MW. CPC has operated in Finland since 2011.