NVVN wins international bid for supply of 300 MW power to Bangladesh

13th Feb, 2018

Bangladesh Power Development Board (BPDB) invited tender for supply of 500MW power from India under short term (1st June 2018 to 31st December 2019) and long term (1st January 2020 to 31st May 2033). The bid for this tender was submitted on 11th January 2018 and four bidders namely NVVN, Adani, PTC and Sembcorp submitted their bid. Financial bid was opened on 11th February 2018.

NTPC Vidyut Vyapar Nigam Limited (NVVN), wholly owned subsidiary of NTPC Limited emerged as successful bidder (L1) both in short term and long term for 300MW power.

The supply of power is likely to be commenced from June 2018 after commissioning of 500 MW HVDC inter connection between India and Bangladesh.

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Leading global solar inverter manufacturer Sineng Electric made headway with the launch of a new central distributed inverter for bifacial solar modules recently in Beijing. The new product drew wide attention from industry watchers, customers and media organizations.

Bifacial Solar modules not only collect sunlight on the side facing the light source, but they also collect light on the back side that is reflected from the surface beneath the solar panel and from the environment. Bifacial modules can generate an additional yield between 10 to 30 percent, compared with monofacial modules. However, due to the increased current of each string and seriously string mismatch, bifacial modules do not always perform perfectly due to the limited of traditional inverters when light conditions are optimal. In a move that not only resolves these issues but also facilitates technological progress across the sector, Sineng Electric has created and released a new central distributed inverter compatible with bifacial solar modules.

"Bifacial modules will become a leading force in the industry due to significant improvement in energy yields and reduction in cost. The inverter is the first of its kind, a combination of the extensive expertise we gained as the result of the acquisition of a global top 500 firm, our rich experience in the operation of inverters, and our dedicated efforts in research and development. The solution is compatible with leading P-type PREC and N-type bifacial modules available in the market," said Sineng Electric General Manager of Products, Wang Yuelin, at the forum.

With the higher yields and lower system costs, Sineng Electric's central distributed inverter system (with multi MPPT inputs) has been widely applied in various scenarios. The new central distributed inverter comes equipped with the MPPT combination box designed specially for bifacial modules, capable of supporting an increase in the maximum operating current up to 12.5A and a current gain of over 30 percent on the back side of the panel. The string-level MPPT technology solves issues related to string mismatch caused by an uneven exposure to light on the back side, despite the complex conditions of the surface beneath the solar panel. The power-capacity ratio on the DC side supports extensive and flexible configurations and adapts to the change in capacity (0.9 - 1.3) on the DC side, which is caused by the difference in current gain on the back side. The unit is capable of operating at full capacity at 55 degrees C and addresses the issues related to the high current gain on the back side. In addition, the ability to handle long periods of 1.1X and short periods of 1.2X overload capability evenly matches the overload capabilities of the AC-side transformer and boost circuit. The power supply for the tracking bracket integrated with the delivery system delivers a cost-effective combination of a tracking bracket and bifacial solar modules.

With years of experience in innovation and development, Sineng Electric has been named one of the top three inverter manufacturers in China. The company has also achieved several key technological breakthroughs in the inverter field and built its leading position in terms of research and development, thanks to the development platform and technologies it gained as the result of the acquisition of a global top 500 firm. Looking forward, Sineng Electric plans to continue increasing its investments in research and development, improving its technologies and driving solar to grid parity.

India Power Inc For Increased Safety & Efficiency in Power Sector

13th Feb, 2018

Power minister and eminent experts from the sector share thoughts on increased safety standard at power plant sites

Over 800 eminent power experts gathered at O&M conference

New Delhi, February 13, 2018: India’s largest Operations & Maintenance conference – Indian Power Stations 2018 was inaugurated by Hon’ble Minister of State (Independent Charge) Power and New & Renewable Energy, Shri R K Singh in New Delhi today. The three-day event, to commemorate synchronisation of NTPC’s first thermal plant at Singrauli Super Thermal Power Station 36 years ago, was kicked-off with eminent experts and leaders sharing their thoughts on safety concerns in the power sector.

Inaugurating the conference, the Union Minister of State (IC) for Power and New and Renewable Energy, Shri R.K. Singh lauded NTPC for its efficiency and safety track record and advised the Maharatna to get into power exports and setting-up power plants overseas.

Speaking on the occasion, Shri A K Bhalla, Secretary, Ministry Of Power laid emphasis on technology and bringing down the power shortage and said, “Today we have IT-enabled systems to improve knowledge and efficiency in the sector. We need to keep ourselves updated with the developments in the sector and we will be able to find solutions easily”.

Highlighting technological challenges, addressing issues and formulating solutions & strategies in the presence of key stakeholders, the O&M conference – Indian Power Stations 2018 mirrors NTPC’s commitment towards making quality power available 24x7 while ensuring minimum carbon footprint.

Shri P K Pujari, Chairperson, CERC, “NTPC is setting the benchmarks in project management and its operational practices are rated amongst the best in the world”. Speaking about the overall energy mix, he said, “ Addressing delegates and officials at the international O&M conference, Shri Gurdeep Singh, CMD, NTPC said “Safety is always the first priority and we should demonstrate the same through our actions.

He further added that coal was here to stay for two to three decades, if not more and coal based power plants need to focus on raising their efficiency levels.

The three day conference will serve as a platform for delegates to lay the foundation of a dialogue with the global fraternity and additionally enhance the awareness and knowledge of every participant at the global conference.

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Dr. Rahul Walawalkar, Executive Director, India Energy Storage Alliance (IESA)
Honourable Finance minister has made a welcomed move by stressing on building a strong infrastructure both for Roadways, Railways and Smart Cities. Which we are sure will include Electric Transportation and optimal electrification of the railways. As part of the Smart Cities, Energy Storage and microgrids will play a vital role. Improving power quality and reliability is the backbone for effective implementation.
Govt. increased the allocation money under FAME scheme but its non-ambitious goals of 100% EV’s by 2030 is minimal. We are looking forward for the National Energy Storage mission which should lay out more specifics about EV’s. This is a good start, but we expect lot more clarity & initiatives from Govt for 100% electrification targets.
The continued support for Make In India in areas including defense will create additional opportunities for the sector. We can see lot of opportunities in storage integration like for diesel cost minimization, armed forces & similar opportunities can help the government to save more money by adopting these technologies.
On the other hand,  increased custom duty on electronic items is a matter of concern. IESA’s priority right now is on increasing domestic demand where the upfront cost is definitely a concern as number of products the domestic manufacturing is not available. Detailed studies are in progress to see the implications pertaining to storage sector although the budget don’t mentioned of additional custom duties. Increase in custom duty will create hurdle in market adaption.

Global meet on power O & M opens tomorrow

12th Feb, 2018

New Delhi, February 12, 2018 – State-owned power utility NTPC Ltd is hosting a three-day international conference on operations and maintenance (O&M) to commemorate synchronisation of its first thermal plant at Singrauli Super Thermal Power Station 36 years ago. The Indian Power Stations (IPS) 2018 (International O&M conference), themed “Technological Challenges: Risks and Challenges in Power Generation”, will be inaugurated tomorrow by Mr. R.K. Singh, Minister of State (independent charge) for Power and New & Renewable Energy.

This conference is a step towards meeting the challenges of strict environmental norms, cyclic operation of conventional generation, renewable integration in grid, low load operation, coal mining & extraction etc. The design of proceedings of the conference will also facilitate interaction with global fraternity and enrich knowledge base of every participant, thus benefitting the whole power sector.

More than 800 delegates will participate in the conference that will also debate safety measures, strategies for enhancing efficiency and reliability, environment management, renewable generation and other recent technological developments.

As part of the conference, the exhibition titled ‘Techno Galaxy 2018’ will also be inaugurated at Power Management Institute in Noida on February 14.

The maharatna company has more than 22,000 committed workforce and 51,383 MW capacity under operation and 21,000 MW under construction (including 1,320 MW international projects). On a global scale, it ranks seventh in terms of power generation.

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NTPC invites bids for Agro Residue based fuel as part of environment friendly drive in NCR Encouraging participation from start-ups

08th Feb, 2018

New Delhi, February 08 – NTPC ,India’s biggest power producer has invited bid for procuring 1,000 metric tonnes per day of agro residue based fuel for its 2,650 MW Dadri power plant in the National Capital Region as part of initiatives to help clean air and provide farmers with an alternate to burning crop residues, a major contributor to pollution.

After completing the initial phases of test firing of biomass based pellets, NTPC has invited bids to supply 1,000 metric tonnes per day of agro residue based fuel (500 metric tonnes per day of agro residue pellets and 500 metric tonnes per day of torrefied agro residue based pellets or briquettes),” a company spokesperson said .

The tender will be for two years for 1,000 metric tonnes a day with “a capping price of Rs 5,500 per metric tonne has been kept for agro residue based pellets and Rs 6,600 per tonne for pellets or briquettes of torrefied agro residue.

India has some of the highest levels of outdoor air pollution in the world. Multiple air pollution sources present a significant health burden attributable to ambient air pollution in India today. They also pose major challenges for air quality management and for the reduction of air pollution-related health burden in the future. Open burning of biomass has been identified as one of the major cause of poor air quality in Northern India, especially in and around Delhi.

Understanding the gravity of the problem, NTPC initiated a programme to consume agro residue based fuel for firing in their power plants along with coal. Subsequently, the government has also come with an advisory to fire five to ten per cent of agro residue based fuel in thermal power plants.

A recognised technology to mitigate greenhouse gas emissions by the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), firing agro reside based pellets along with coal is more economical and efficient than dedicated biomass plant and also avoids risk of loss of generation due to alternate fuel availability. As against solar and wind, biomass power can be scheduled as per load demand, eliminating indirect costs to handle variability of variable renewables, contributing to affordable power to all.

To attract start-ups and greater participation, NTPC has allowed participation of bidders without any prior experience. Companies/state or central PSUs/individuals/partnership firms/ NGOs/trusts/co-operatives/welfare societies/ limited liability partnership (LLP) having GSTIN and PAN can participate in the bidding process.

Sufficient lead time is also being provided to establish new manufacturing capacity as the successful bidders will be required to deliver the material from September 2018. Further, NTPC has broken up the total demand into smaller lots of 20 metric tonnes per day. A bidder can bid for any number of lots but not exceeding 12 lots to encourage wider participation.

If NTPC is able to attract sufficient bidders for the quantity required, it can open doors for using agro residue in power plants across the country. This can dramatically increase the share of renewable energy in the country, reducing carbon footprint of thermal power plants. The initiative would not only discourage infield crop burning abating pollution, but also create large scale rural employment opportunities in agro residue supply chain and its processing.

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