The Indian infrastructure sector largely encompasses power, road, port, railways and mining. Although these sub-sectors are often referred to in the same breath when speaking of infrastructure, the indirect tax landscape is varied and unique for each of them.

Goods and services for infrastructure projects enjoy a large number of concessions and exemptions under Central and State laws, since the sector is of national importance. Yet, the multiplicity of taxes and general construct of contracts give the infrastructure sector a heightened degree of complexity from the perspective of indirect taxes.

It is essential for all departments in an organisation to be aware about this tax system and to understand how it affects their functions. This workshop uniquely adopts a multidisciplinary approach towards the implementation of GST. The core objective of this course is to allow businesses to use GST to reduce costs and maximise profits – without exploiting the customers.

This GST workshop addresses practical issues arising from the GST implementation, real problems facing businesses, and how to manage these issues.
With the right guidance and understanding of GST, your organisation can accurately apply the 24 GST tax codes and file GST Tax Submission forms easily and effortlessly.
This workshop supports you with real life case studies to give you real world issues when applying the accounting treatments to your GST transactions.

Hear and meet face-to-face with a distinguished panel of leading GST experts from the Industry, Tax Advisors, and Practitioners all in one place. Get up to speed with the GST developments, insights and good practices in managing a successful GST implementation with confidence.


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