EPC Contracting: Taxation, Legal and Commercial Mumbai

As India’s infrastructure sector grows, it is offering new challenging opportunities for the investors and developers alike. With the increase in number of projects being executed and contracts being awarded, it is extremely important to understand and manage the commercial and legal challenges associated with these projects.


With this background, we bring to you the next edition of this extremely focused workshop, designed with a primary objective of imparting crucial knowledge to the participants.

This intensive Master Class provides valuable insight into the rapidly evolving world of EPC contracts. This workshop has been designed specifically for the professionals working on various aspects of contracts in oil & gas, mining, energy, real estate, roads & highways, urban infrastructure and construction sector companies and will be of particular interest to those with current or planned ventures in India’s infrastructure growth story.

A training program designed for future industry leaders, this workshop will significantly help in solving problems and improving business understanding commercial, legal & taxation aspects in various sectors.

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